Many products we use on a daily basis are loaded with toxins. Eliminating chemicals from entering my household has been my top priority. It’s shocking how many harmful ingredients are in products that I trusted and used for years! Unfortunately, many companies partake in greenwashing and spend more money on the marketing for an eco-friendly brand than investing in clean ingredients. Even though there are laws in place by the Federal Trade Commission, companies still find loopholes. Through doTERRA, I have been able to educate myself and implement lifestyle changes. I want to share with you 12 key ingredients in laundry detergents to look out for and avoid bringing into your home. From clothes to sheets to towels, the cleaning products that touch your skin matters for you, your family and even your pets.

  1. Dryer Sheets – They may be toxic to your skin and lungs. Dryer sheets contain ingredients such as dipalmethyl hydroxyethylammoinum methosulfate, polyester substrate, a clay that melts in the dryer and fragrances. They have been found to cause eye and respiratory irritation, allergic reactions to the skin, migraines and even asthma attacks.
  2. Synthetic fragrances – can cause allergic reactions such as rashes, respiratory issues, migraines and sinus problems. Fragrances can be marketed as “clean” or “fresh”, even “unscented” detergents still have fragrance in them. 
  3. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) – This helps to remove dirt and debris. SLS creates a foam that can often be mistaken as getting something clean. Using a detergent with SLS may cause skin, eye, and lung irritation. Even products verified by trusted sources like the Environmental Working Group (EWG) can have  carcinogens, so it’s best to become familiar with which ingredients to avoid.
  4. 1,4 Dioxane – This has been classified by the EPA as a likely human carcinogen and according to the CDC, can also cause skin, lung, kidney, and liver issues. Unfortunately, 1,4 Dioxane is not something you can avoid just by checking the label. It is produced during the manufacturing process called ethoxylation. 
  5. Benzene – May also been labeled as benzyl acetate and dichlorobenzene. Another ingredient that is cancer causing and can irritate the skin, create respiratory distress and have an effect on your kidneys. Benzene is derived from petroleum, that is not something you want making contact with your skin!
  6. Formaldehyde – a carcinogen and skin irritant, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is another ingredient that can often get hidden from the label within fragrances.
  7. Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs) – less commonly found in detergents but still not officially banned from production! This chemical is considered an endocrine (hormonal) disruptor during pregnancy.
  8. Bleach – Very commonly used in washing to get your whites whiter. Bleach is typically on hand for cleaning purposes and known for its power. That power that bleach has to remove stains is extremely toxic. Even just acute exposure to bleach can cause severe caustic burns, blindness, fluid in the lungs, and respiratory failure.
  9. Optical Brighteners – Contrary to the name, it does not brighten or whiten your clothes. What they really do is coat your clothes and re emits color. It tricks your eyes into the items looking good as new, while adding harmful chemicals to your skin.
  10. Aluminum Sulfates and Other Surfactants – Are synthetic, petroleum-based surfactants. Petroleum can be absorbed through your skin, causing skin and eye irritation.
  11. Quats – Also known as quaternary ammonium compounds which have disinfectant properties. Like many other toxic ingredients, it can cause skin irritation, allergies or even respiratory problems. 
  12. Artificial Dyes – Yet another marketing technique to ‘brighten’ clothes, when it really just adds unnecessary toxins. 

Safe, affordable and effective, doTERRA home cleaning line meets and surpasses all your expectations. I am so incredibly pleased using their laundry pods. My clothes have come out so clean and smelling amazing. It is so easy to throw a pod into the drum, and prevents you from wastefully over pouring your liquid laundry detergent. The ingredients eliminate the need for fabric softener but when I want an added fragrance, I add a couple drops of my favorite essential oil to a moistened cloth and toss in the dryer. I had used popular brands for years without realizing the toxins within them. I even would double up on dryer sheets for my family’s clothes to come out smelling good. Little did I know those dryer sheets are not only unnecessary, but contribute to air pollution! The safe and natural home cleaning line, doTERRA Abode, includes laundry pods as well as dishwasher pods, dish soap, hand soap, and multi-surface cleaner. Choose your products carefully so you and your family do not come in contact with these 12 harsh toxins. 

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